Construction of the 16-foot fence along Hamilton Avenue is nearing completion. Next week, the fence installation continues on Magnolia Street over the next couple of weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions about the fence:

Why does the fence look like it is being installed backwards?
The fence is being constructed with the fabric panels facing inward per the permit requirements with the City of Huntington Beach, which define both the building and traffic safety design elements.

Why aren’t you installing the fence at the corner, near the intersection of Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street?
We will be installing the fence at the intersection corner after the official restart of remedial work at Ascon. This is due to the limited space between the edge of the landfill and the intersection signal, which will require some excavation to allow placement of the concrete base and fence panel installation.

Are the lane closures permanent?
No, it is not permanent. The lane adjustment on Hamilton Avenue and the bike and vehicle lane closure on Magnolia Street between 9 am to 3 pm is temporary and only during the construction of the fence. Pedestrian access next to Ascon will remain closed during the remainder of the final cleanup.

When do you expect to be done constructing the fence?
We anticipate the major sections of the fence along Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street to be completed by the end of September. The northeast corner will be constructed after the official restart of remedial work, which will occur after a community meeting. The corner fence construction is expected to occur over a two to three week period at that time.

Do you have more questions about the fence or about the Ascon project? Call the project hotline, 714-388-1825.

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