Project Status

State Regulated

Eight companies entered into orders with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) in early 2003 to participate in and fund the remediation of the Site. Their selection by the DTSC was based on landfill records, indicating they or their predecessor companies brought waste materials to the landfill during its operation from 1938 to 1984. Not all parties who brought materials to the landfill are included in the cleanup, as some entities no longer exist, or their contribution at the landfill was considered too small (“de minimis”).

Cooperating Parties

All cooperating parties (referred to as the Responsible Parties) are cooperating with the clean-up planning and funding and are in compliance with the required site investigations, site monitoring, and reporting. No public funds have been or will be used for the remediation of the Site. The State regulatory agency overseeing the cleanup, DTSC, is reimbursed by the Responsible Parties for their costs.

Environmental Review Completed

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the clean-up was certified, and the final remedy selection was approved, in June 2015 by the DTSC. This was an open public process involving the general public, the City of Huntington Beach, and other agencies, and provided an analysis on the potential effects of the proposed remedy (clean up), including implementation of the proposed remedy. The selected remedy is required by DTSC to be protective of public health and the environment.

Planning and Permitting

The Responsible Parties began the final cleanup of the Ascon Landfill site in January 2019, after direction by DTSC and required permits from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the City of Huntington Beach.

Required Investigation and Review

The Responsible Parties have been conducting field investigations at the Site from 2002 through present. The Groundwater Remedial Investigation was accepted by DTSC in July 2007. The Revised Feasibility Study (RFS), which addresses potential means to remediate the Site, was approved by DTSC in August 2007, and the Final Remedial Action Plan (RAP), which outlines the proposed remedy, was approved by DTSC in June 2015. The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was certified by DTSC in June 2015. All of these documents can be viewed under the “Site Documents” tab on this website.

Site Improvements and  Ongoing Maintenance

Since 2002, the Responsible Parties have conducted site housekeeping and safety measures concurrent with field investigations. These measures include brush clearing, fencing around waste lagoons, additional cover on “Pit F,” new fencing around the perimeter of the Site, site signage, and regular site inspections. Inspections, and housekeeping measures will continue during the final cleanup, along with 24-hour onsite security.