Field work at the Ascon Landfill Site during the week of December 2nd is planned to include:

Beginning Monday, December 2, field activities will include:

  • Installation of hydrant on Magnolia Street will begin this week, with temporary lane closure. The work includes a flag person for traffic safety. Air monitoring and dust control measures will be implemented during the work. Please refer to the November 25 post of Project Updates or the home page for more information.
  • “Winterizing” field activity to prepare the Site for the winter rainy season by implementing best management practices for stormwater management, in compliance with the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board permit. For more information, please see the October 8 post on Project Updates.
  • Mulch will be applied as part of winterizing activities relating to stormwater management
  • Delivery of supplies for winterizing field activities
  • Dust and odor mitigation measures continue to be implemented
  • Air quality monitoring continues
  • Weed abatement and removal as necessary
  • 24-hour onsite security continues

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