Field work at the Ascon Landfill Site during the week of February 10 is planned to include:

SITEWIDE: There will be continued inspection and maintenance of stormwater management measures. Stormwater management measures are subject to inspection by the City stormwater inspector. A routine City stormwater inspection at Ascon was conducted on February 6.

Learn more about stormwater management at Ascon on under the Safety Commitment tab. Click on “Learn More” to read the explainer.

EASTERN ZONE: Improvements to the Pit F tent foundation are planned, including placement of stone and gravel near the base of the tent, as part of ongoing maintenance of the tent structure. Stone and gravel will be moved to the tent area to prepare for this activity.

Equipment used for this work may include:

  • Skid steer or front end loader to carry and deposit stone and gravel

SOUTHWEST ZONE: Workers will replace an existing cover over excavated materials placed in an area called the “treatment cell.”

Equipment used for this work may include:

  • Skid steer or front end loader to carry supplies or assist with cover placement

SITEWIDE AND OFFSITE: Air quality monitoring continues, both on the Ascon site and at offsite community locations.

The offsite air monitoring trailer next to the Banning Branch Library and Eader Elementary School will be returned to service this week. The trailer was removed following vandalism which damaged the trailer and theft of air monitoring equipment on January 23. Air monitoring at this location resumes as of Monday, February 10, following repairs and testing of monitoring equipment.

SITEWIDE: Weed abatement will be conducted as needed throughout the Site as part of stormwater management and fire protection.
Equipment used for this work may include:

  • Small power equipment, such as a weed wacker or mower
  • Front end loader to remove plant cuttings

SITEWIDE: Dust and odor mitigation measures continue to be implemented.

SITEWIDE: Supplies needed for ongoing Site maintenance are expected for delivery. Several truck deliveries of stone and gravel are anticipated.

SITEWIDE: 24-hour onsite security continues.

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