Vandalism of air monitoring trailer near Eader Elementary School

The air monitoring trailer near Eader Elementary School was vandalized on Thursday, January 23, with equipment stolen and trailer apparatus damaged. Air monitoring personnel contacted the Huntington Beach Police Department, and an officer came to the scene to make a report. The Department of Toxic Substances Control also was notified.

Due to the loss of monitoring equipment and damage to the trailer, no air monitoring data will be available for January 24 until replacement equipment can be obtained and installed. We will post an update when air monitoring at this location resumes.

If you saw any person(s) or suspicious activity near the air monitoring trailer in the back parking lot of the Banning Branch Library near Eader Elementary School, please report this to the Huntington Beach Police Department, referencing police report #DR 2020-000911.

Field work at the Ascon Landfill Site during the week of January 27 is planned to include:

  • SOUTHEAST ZONE: Workers will be removing vegetation in the southeast detention basin (area closest to Magnolia Street and tank farm property) as part of ongoing maintenance for stormwater management. The work in the southeast basin will include improvements to a standpipe, involving the use of a mini excavator to remove stone and gravel near the pipe to allow for maintenance work. A mini excavator and other small equipment may be used during removal of overgrown vegetation. Improvements to the southeast detention basin are subject to inspection by the City stormwater inspector.
  • SITEWIDE: Collected stormwater onsite is being pumped from detention areas to other areas within the Ascon site, as part of stormwater management.
  • SITEWIDE: There will be continued inspection and maintenance of stormwater management measures. Stormwater management measures are subject to inspection by the City stormwater inspector.
  • SOUTHWEST ZONE: Work in the southwest zone of the Site will include preparation to maintain or replace the cover over excavated materials.
  • SITEWIDE: Maintenance and repair work will be conducted on the chain link fence in various locations along the perimeter of the Site.
  • Supplies needed for ongoing Site maintenance are expected for delivery.
  • SITEWIDE: Dust and odor mitigation measures continue to be implemented.
  • Air quality monitoring continues, both on the Ascon site and at offsite community locations.
  • 24-hour onsite security continues.

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