Field work at the Ascon Landfill Site during the week of July 29 is planned to include:

  • Preparation for installation of 16-foot barrier fence along residential-facing public streets Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street (subject to City of Huntington Beach permit approval), which will include delivery of fence panels to the Site to be stored in the interior.
  • Maintenance work is planned on the Pit F tent (large tent near Magnolia Street) on Monday, July 29. Workers may be seen installing intake louvers on the east side of the tent as part of preparation for future work. This activity involves no disturbance of soil or use of heavy equipment, and is not expected to be noisy. The work is expected to last one day or less.
  • Dust and odor mitigation measures will continue to be implemented
  • Air quality monitoring continues
  • 24-hour onsite security continues

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