A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) guides current work at Ascon as we enter the winter season. Implementation is overseen by a Qualified Stormwater Practitioner on the Ascon team. The SWPPP is enforced by the City of Huntington Beach and Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board.
As part of the SWPPP:

  • The Site is inspected before forecasted major rain events
  • City of Huntington Beach inspects onsite stormwater best management practices on a regular basis
  • Ascon operates under the California General Construction NPDES permit and the Site SWPPP that allows for stormwater discharge offsite
  • Stormwater discharge is tested following designated rain events per requirements of Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board

Learn more about Ascon’s stormwater management here.


  • ACTIVE WORK: A crew of workers will be at the Site to maintain plastic lining and sandbag anchors and to install a taller air monitoring station by the new northeast corner fence. You may see the arrival and departure of a skid steer and water tank, as well as pickup trucks.

  • SECURITY: 24-hour onsite security continues. Security may not be visible at the entrance gates. The Ascon security personnel are primarily within the Site conducting daytime and nighttime patrols of the 38-acre property. In addition to 24/7 onsite security, there are regular visits by air quality technicians, Site inspectors and Site maintenance personnel.


    • DTSC continues its ongoing weekly inspections of Ascon.
    • City of Huntington Beach continues its regular stormwater inspections of Ascon.
    • Regular inspection of the “Pit F” tent will be conducted.
    • Regular inspections are conducted by Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District of the onsite detention basins and other areas of the Ascon Site where water may be detained.
  • NEARBY ACTIVITIES: Please note there are activities unrelated to Ascon at the former tank farm property, south of Ascon and adjacent to Magnolia Street.


The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has permitted a brief pause on daily air sampling and monitoring both onsite and at offsite locations to allow our personnel to be with their families over the holidays, beginning Wednesday, December 23, at approximately 7 am. The air sampling and monitoring will resume at approximately 7 am, Monday, January 4.

For more information about Ascon’s air monitoring and data sharing, please visit the Actively Monitoring Air Quality page on this website. Data is submitted to DTSC and shared on their online document archive, Envirostor. To view archived air monitoring results posted by DTSC on Envirostor, click on “Community Involvement Documents” and scroll to “Updates and Information.”


Work at Ascon is being conducted under Site safety protocols regarding COVID-19. These practices apply to air quality professionals and other team members who may be outside the fence conducting work. We ask for the community’s support of these safety practices by maintaining physical distancing to allow these professionals to focus on their work and stay safe.

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