The Ascon team shares the community’s concern about coyote activity in Huntington Beach. We are actively managing coyotes seen at the site as part of the project’s coyote management plan.

Since the incident on the beach in May, we have consulted with Orange County Animal Care, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), the City of Huntington Beach, and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), which is overseeing the remediation activities at Ascon. CDFW has been on-site to provide our team with guidance.

The current guidance from CDFW is:

  • Active hazing of coyotes by onsite workers (workers are trained on this practice)
  • Identify and remove outdoor food sources on the property, which is a longstanding practice at Ascon
  • Inspect the fence line for evidence of coyotes burrowing into the Site and close those entrances when found

Per California state law and per guidance from CDFW, Ascon is prohibited from:

  • Using poison to kill coyotes
  • Trapping and relocating coyotes
  • Collapsing or filling in coyote dens before the fall season

The Ascon site is adjacent to habitat areas, such as the wetlands, flood control channels, parks, neighborhoods, undeveloped open land, and greenbelts where food sources may be available. Our coyote management actions can only be conducted on Ascon property.

The Ascon team will continue to perform the actions recommended by CDFW and will continue to consult, work with, and comply with any new directives from local and state agencies in the interest of ensuring the safety of the community and our workers.

For additional information, please contact us at 714-388-1825 or by email at [email protected].


SEE SOMETHING? HAVE A QUESTION? Call our information line: 714-388-1825 or email us at [email protected]

DRONES: The community is asked to not fly drones over the Ascon when there is active work. This could create worker and Site safety issues. We appreciate the community’s assistance by preventing drone flights over sensitive onsite equipment and the power lines along the perimeter of Ascon.

ENTRANCE AND EXIT GATES: Entering the Ascon site is prohibited to those who are not authorized. The community is asked to keep a safe distance from both entrance and exit gates at Ascon, and refrain from parking, walking, or standing in these areas. The gates on Magnolia Street and Hamilton Avenue may open unexpectedly for workers conducting air monitoring and site inspections, as well as supply delivery and removal.

PEDESTRIANS: Your safety is important! Pedestrians have been observed walking next to Ascon along Magnolia and Hamilton streets next to the concrete fence base where there currently is no sidewalk. We encourage pedestrians to observe public pathway signage and use the sidewalks on the east side of Magnolia and the north side of Hamilton.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Work at Ascon is being conducted under Site safety protocols regarding COVID-19 and ongoing protocols and procedures to maintain job safety. These practices apply to air quality professionals and other team members who may be outside the fence conducting work. We ask for the community’s support of these safety practices by maintaining physical distancing to allow these professionals to focus on their work and stay safe.

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