NOV for SCAQMD Rule 402 Issued May 2, 2019

A Notice of Violation (NOV) for South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 402 was issued on May 2, 2019, after SCAQMD received community complaints regarding nuisance odors.

The SCAQMD Rule 402 pertains to nuisance odors and the NOV is triggered by confirmed odors. Representatives from SCAQMD informed the Ascon project team that any odor above a “zero odor” may be included in an NOV of Rule 402.

The Ascon Landfill Site is in compliance with the approved Air Monitoring Program and is monitoring air quality throughout the day. Multiple odor suppressant measures are used to mitigate the temporary odor which may occur during the cleanup of the 81-year-old landfill, including the use of non-toxic, biodegradable foam and odor elimination products.

This public concern is taken very seriously. The project will continue to take active measures to suppress odor as part of the overall air quality management program. Additionally, a taller barrier fence will be constructed along Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street, currently scheduled to begin the week of June 10, contingent on City approval.

We ask the public to use the project hotline, 714-388-1825, to let us know if there is an odor concern in order for the onsite team to take quick action.