Work will not be conducted inside the Pit F tent at the Ascon Landfill Site this Saturday, August 7. After additional technical review today of the current work, the planned work will be conducted next week. Please enjoy your weekend!

Perimeter air monitoring onsite and air monitoring offsite in neighborhoods near Ascon continue 24/7. Pit F telemetry air monitoring will continue during planned work hours, Monday through Friday and Saturdays if required.  Security remains onsite 24/7, including overnight Pit F equipment monitoring personnel. You may periodically see vehicle headlights or flashlights as security personnel conduct their oversight.  More information about Pit F work can be found at


DRONES: The community is asked to not fly drones over the Ascon Site and over the Pit F tent during this work. This could create worker and Site hazards, equipment damage, and safety issues. We appreciate the community’s assistance by preventing drone flights over the occupied tent structure, sensitive equipment onsite, and moving vehicles and workers conducting work onsite, as well as the power lines along the perimeter of Ascon.

ENTRANCE AND EXIT GATES: The community is asked to keep a safe distance from both entrance and exit gates at Ascon to avoid creating worker hazards and public safety concerns. No parking or standing is allowed near gate areas with the exception of project workers. The exit gate on Magnolia Street may open unexpectedly for departing vehicles during Pit F work. There will be a flag person at the gate when vehicles are departing, as a public safety practice.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Work at Ascon is being conducted under Site safety protocols regarding COVID-19 and ongoing protocols and procedures to maintain job safety. These practices apply to air quality professionals and other team members who may be outside the fence conducting work. We ask for the community’s support of these safety practices by maintaining physical distancing to allow these professionals to focus on their work and stay safe.

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