Hello Huntington Beach community,

Community members are welcome to sign up for AsconAlert, an opt-in community alert system. AsconAlert is designed to send informational or urgent notifications to both mobile phone and/or email if there are unplanned activities or events on and around the Ascon Site.

You are invited to opt-in to AsconAlert by texting ‘Ascon’ to 99411 or registering online at https://public.coderedweb.com/CGE/BF3A0A035537. You will be prompted to fill out your information to enroll. Please find step-by-step sign-up visual instructions here. All personal information submitted is confidential and is not available to the Ascon project or any other parties.

If you are unable to sign up online or through text, you can download a sign-up form here and submit to [email protected].

  • AsconAlert is specific only to the Ascon Landfill Site project and is not an emergency notification for the City of Huntington Beach or the County of Orange.
  • Community members can sign up to receive only emergency alerts or both informational notifications and emergency alerts.
  • The AsconAlert system does not send voice alerts or robocalls.
  • The AsconAlert system does not replace Ascon’s emails or weekly Site Updates.
  • Community members must sign up to opt-in to AsconAlert. The Ascon project cannot sign up the public without their consent.

There are two types of notifications that you may receive from the AsconAlert system:

  1. Informational notification: onsite activities that may be noticeable to neighbors, such as noise, dust or odor, or a safety precaution such as a temporary lane closure. An informational alert may be sent if there is an activity we become aware of at a neighboring property or project that the public may perceive as Ascon-related. When signing up, you can opt-out of receiving these types of alerts.
  2. Emergency alert: an Ascon-related activity that initiates a Site-wide work stop for health and safety or an Ascon-related condition or activity onsite or adjacent to Ascon that may require action on the part of nearby residents or businesses. In the event there is official response by public safety agencies, additional details may be provided by those agencies and in updates via AsconAlert and/or on AsconHB.com

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