Overgrown vegetation (plants) was cleaned out of the southeast detention basin (area closest to Magnolia Street and tank farm property) as part of ongoing maintenance for stormwater management, as reported on the January 27 weekly field activity update.

This work included maintenance of a standpipe, involving the use of a mini excavator to remove stone and gravel near the pipe to allow for the work. A front loader was used to carry heavy plant material, stone and gravel to the interior of Ascon. Detention basin maintenance required the use of field equipment, but did not involve the excavation of waste material.

Work in the southeast detention basin is necessary to ensure the basin functions during rain events. Clearing overgrown plant material in a detention basin also can prevent mosquitoes. Stormwater management is subject to inspection by the City stormwater inspector and the southeast detention basin also was inspected by DTSC on Wednesday, January 29.

Below is a photograph of the southeast detention basin in late December 2019 before maintenance work and when it still retained water and overgrown plants. The second photograph of the basin is after maintenance work and improvements to the basin standpipe on January 29, 2020.

Southeast Detention Basin - December 2019
BEFORE: The southeast detention basin in December 2019, following rain events.
Southeast Detention Basin - January 29, 2020
AFTER: The southeast detention basin on January 29, 2020, after removal of overgrown plant material and replacement work on basin standpipe, including placement of additional gravel. The plant material in the basin is dried mosses and algae. The basin is now readied for the next rain event.

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