The air monitoring trailer in the Banning Branch Library rear parking lot near Eader Elementary School was vandalized on Thursday evening, January 23, with equipment stolen and trailer apparatus damaged. These videos are of the vandalism and theft, as well as an image of the person of interest riding their bicycle in front of the school just prior to their activity at the air monitoring trailer.

If you saw any person(s) or suspicious activity near the air monitoring trailer in the back parking lot of the Banning Branch Library near Eader Elementary School, please report this to the Huntington Beach Police Department, 714-960-8811 and press 9 to be connected to the desk office, referencing police report #DR 2020-000911.

Due to the loss of monitoring equipment and damage to the trailer, no air monitoring data will be available beginning January 24 until the trailer can be repaired and replacement equipment can be obtained and installed. The trailer has been removed for this purpose. We will post an update when air monitoring at this location resumes. 

We would like to thank the administration and staff at Eader Elementary School for providing us with the security video footage of this incident.

ascon trailer 1
At approximately 9:34 pm on Thursday, January 23, person on bicycle enters from left and proceeds directly to air monitoring trailer near upper right of screen. Flashlight activity visible for roughly ten minutes. (Video courtesy of Eader Elementary School)
ascon trailer 2
Continued flashlight activity around trailer for roughly ten minutes. (Video courtesy of Eader Elementary School)
front of school
Video of same individual riding bicycle along Banning Avenue in front of Eader Elementary School. (Video courtesy of Eader Elementary School)

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