The Ascon Landfill Site (Site) occupies approximately 38 acres in southeast Huntington Beach, California, approximately 0.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

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The Site was used as a permitted disposal facility from 1938 to 1984, when the landfill was closed. The landfill originally received drilling waste from oil production in the Huntington Beach area, during the City’s oil boom. Industrial and oil field wastes were disposed of at the landfill until 1971. From 1971 to 1984 construction debris was disposed of at the Site.

By 2003, when the State of California and the Cooperating Parties, or Responsible Parties, entered into a Consent Order for the Site’s clean up, Ascon had five existing “lagoons” (waste-filled depressions that collect storm water during the rainy/wet season) covering approximately 30 percent of the site and eight pits (three near the northwest corner and five near the southeast corner) that reportedly contained industrial waste. Of these pits, only Pit F remains visible (the others are buried) and is secured with fencing and covered.

Since the 2003 Consent Order, there have been three major remedial work efforts that have changed the physical nature of the Site through removal of waste materials, grading, and installation of storm water control features and best management practices. These include the Emergency Action (2005-2006), the Interim Removal Measure (2010-2011), and the Lagoon 5 Solidification and Oil Well Abandonment (2017-2018).

The Ascon Landfill Site is secured with perimeter fencing and additional interior fencing. There are regular security inspections, in addition to routine maintenance. Site security is in cooperation with the City of Huntington Beach Police Department and the Huntington Beach Fire Department. General oversight is provided by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

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The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)

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Ascon Landfill Site

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