Community Information: 16-foot Barrier Fence Installation Starting

Installation of 16-foot barrier fence

The Ascon team is working with the City of Huntington Beach on the permits required to install a taller barrier fence along Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street. Minimal earth disturbance and construction activities for the fence is expected to begin the week of August 19. The fence will be installed along two residential-facing public streets, Magnolia Street and Hamilton Avenue. This work is being done to provide an additional shield for the community during the excavation phase of the final cleanup of the landfill.

Initial Activity:

Expected 1 to 2 weeks duration
This work will include minimal ground leveling of less than a foot of soil, mostly at the west section of Hamilton and the south section of Magnolia, to create a level surface for the cement base.

  • Brush and vegetation clearing
  • Tree removal in the southeast zone
  • Removal of existing fence and placement of temporary fence panels until the barrier fence is installed
  • Ground leveling and gravel placed along fence line prior to concrete base installment

Work Hours: 7am to 6pm

You can expect to see:

  • Temporary lane closures on Magnolia and Hamilton streets
  • Crews clearing vegetation and trees
  • Equipment leveling earth
  • Trucks depositing gravel

Mitigation? There will be dust and odor control during this work. Air quality monitoring continues at the Ascon site 24-hours daily.


Expected 2 to 3 weeks duration
Installation of the fence will include:

  • Crane and other large equipment
  • Temporary lane closures
  • Placement of a heavy concrete base to anchor the tall fence panels, which are a vinyl cloth material

Fence installation begins along Hamilton Avenue, then to Magnolia Street. The northeast corner after official re-start of the work at Ascon. This will be implemented with temporary shielding because this work requires excavation of soil to provide an adequate setback from the intersection signal. The fence installation will be 70 to 80 percent complete at this phase.

During this work:
The existing chain link fence will be removed. Fence signage will be replaced as new fencing is installed.

Onsite air quality monitoring stations will be relocated to a higher elevation after the barrier fence installation, with no gap in the air monitoring program.

Work hours: 7 am to 6 pm

You can expect to see:
Temporary lane closures. A crane and other construction equipment installing the concrete base and fence panels.

There will be dust and odor control measures in place during this work. Air quality monitoring continues at the Ascon site 24-hours daily. There will be flagmen to enhance safety, in addition to temporary lane closures.

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