The proposal for tenting or enclosures during remedial work is under review with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), as part of a permit process for the pilot testing of tenting or enclosures. A SCAQMD permit is required for the pilot testing of the tenting and enclosure proposals. A final design is not yet approved.

The Ascon project conducted benchmarking of other environmental cleanup projects from around the country that are using enclosures. A major difference for the Ascon project is all of the known projects around the country are being conducted on flat terrain, unlike the conditions at Ascon.

Once a permit is approved by SCAQMD, the tenting or enclosure systems must be custom fabricated to approved specifications before pilot testing. Pilot testing is expected to last approximately two months, after which the findings will be reviewed with the lead agency, DTSC, and with SCAQMD. Depending on the pilot test results, a separate SCAQMD permit may be required.

Learn more about the current AQMD permit process at Update on AQMD permit process.

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