Field work at the Ascon Landfill Site during the week of September 21:

SITEWIDE: 24-hour onsite security continues. Security may not be visible at the entrance gates. The Ascon security personnel are primarily within the Site conducting daytime and nighttime patrols of the 38-acre property. In addition to 24/7 onsite security, there are regular visits by air quality technicians, site inspectors, and site maintenance personnel.

SAFETY MESSAGE: Work at Ascon is being conducted under Site safety protocols regarding COVID-19. These practices apply to air quality professionals and other team members who may be outside the fence conducting work. We ask for the community’s support of these safety practices by maintaining physical distancing to allow these professionals to focus on their work and stay safe.

AIR MONITORING: Air monitoring continues both on the Ascon site and at community locations. For more information about Ascon’s air monitoring and data sharing, please visit Actively Monitoring Air Quality on this website. Data are submitted to DTSC and shared on their online document archive, Envirostor. To view archived air monitoring results posted by DTSC on Envirostor, click on “Community Involvement Documents” and scroll to “Updates and Information”.

GROUNDWATER: Groundwater at the Ascon property has been monitored as far back as 1982, when the landfill was still operational. Monitoring is conducted by collecting groundwater samples from wells located offsite in the surrounding neighborhood. Impacts from the former landfill to shallow groundwater—a saturated zone and not a potable aquifer—are found to be contained within the Site boundaries. All drinking water wells in Huntington Beach are at least three miles from Ascon. Long-term groundwater monitoring will continue after the cleanup, using both existing offsite monitoring wells and new replacement onsite wells. The next regular groundwater monitoring sampling both within the Ascon site and in offsite community locations will be conducted the week of September 28. Learn more about Groundwater Monitoring at Ascon.

SITEWIDE: Regular inspections are conducted by Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District of the onsite detention basins and other areas of the Ascon site where water may be detained. These inspections typically are conducted monthly. Active mitigation measures by Vector Control are protective of the community, as well as onsite workers, to prevent mosquitoes and other pests. The most recent inspection by Vector Control was Wednesday, September 2.

SITEWIDE: Stormwater management is subject to inspection by the City stormwater inspector. Ascon conducts stormwater inspections in advance of forecasted rain as an ongoing essential activity. There is continued inspection and maintenance of stormwater management measures to maintain compliance with Ascon’s stormwater permit. Current activity includes planning and mobilization for sitewide actions that will be taken prior to the rainy season.

The onsite activity regarding installation or maintenance of stormwater management measures for the upcoming rain season is expected to occur the week of September 28. What you may see:

  • Application of wet slurry of PosiShell®, a natural clay-based product, using truck-mounted equipment.
  • Placement of additional sand or gravel bags in various locations throughout the Ascon site.
  • Clearing of weed growth and standpipes in onsite detention basins.

Learn more about stormwater management at Ascon on under the Our Safety Commitment tab. Click on “Learn More” to read the explainer.

SITEWIDE WEED ABATEMENT: Periodic weed abatement or removal is conducted. In addition to mechanical removal of weeds, there may be application of a non-toxic peppermint oil-based product, EcoMIGHT W.O.W. This product may have a slight minty scent due to the peppermint oil.

Weed abatement inspection is conducted by the Huntington Beach Fire Department and is conducted as needed as part of ongoing stormwater management and fire protection.

Equipment used for this work may include:

  • Small power equipment, such as a weed wacker or mower.
  • Small sprayer equipment to apply EcoMIGHT W.O.W.

EASTERN ZONE: Regular inspection of the “Pit F” tent will be conducted.

SITEWIDE: Dust and odor mitigation measures continue to be implemented as needed during remedial work suspension. Please note there are grading and other activities unrelated to Ascon at the former tank farm property, south of Ascon and adjacent to Magnolia Street.

SITEWIDE: Supplies needed for ongoing Site maintenance and stormwater management may be delivered.

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