Field work at the Ascon Landfill Site during the week of May 27th is planned to include:

  • No field work on Monday, May 27, and Tuesday, May 28, in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.
  • Odor mitigation measures will continue to be implemented.
  • Excavation of the areas along Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street.
  • Additional material may be graded in the northwest corner of the Site, near Hamilton Avenue.
  • Onsite concrete may be broken for reuse. This material will be watered for dust mitigation prior to and during this action.
  • Placement of crushed concrete over geotextile in Lagoon 4.
  • The construction of the Pit F enclosure near Magnolia Street is expected to be completed.
  • Active measures will continue to be taken to monitor air quality and mitigate odor and dust in work zones and throughout the site.

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